Jamberoo Action Park 2012 - 2020 services included theme park review, signage review, souvenir store makeover, surf store makeover, Food & Beverage menu board makeover and customer engagement strategies.

Design for leisure and tourism, retail and entertainment to strategic design brainstorm workshops. The goal is best design, communication, product mix, atmosphere and in better business outcomes using better design strategy. We combine vistor attraction, engagement, entertainment and communications we developed philosophies and methodologies around using multi-disciplinary design for better customer satisfaction, visitor experience and customer engagement. 

Specialities Services Include:

1.) Customer experience analysis and review reports 

2.) Master Planning of attractions, theme parks and tourist venues.

3.) Developing marketability, attraction and customer satisfaction.

4.) Workshop for Design thinking. Combining diverse aims and outcomes on multi-disciplinary design projects.

5.) F&B menu review and strategic design for profitability

6.) Buying and ranging of product for souvenir stores or general stores. Plus visual merchandising and store layout to lift the average sale.

7.) Fix It - With a diverse and eclectic background in design management and retail knowhow Boom also seem to regularly get asked to 'fix' or help re-focus large or complex projects that are financially underperfroming or not attracting enough customers. This includes venue review from the customer point of view and pratical report with easy & actionable techiques for management to use. 

Scenic World - 750square metre souviner store makeover (Buying, ranging, catergory management, promotions, visual merchandising training, food and beverage menu makeovers and design. Largest sales growth in one year for Boom Retail. 

Scenic World Blue Mountains