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We provide consultancy to national retailers in areas of pre design consultancy prior to building or leasing an area to look at maximising sale potential and customer attraction rate and impact for the passing customer. In addition, business reviews to look at creating additional sales and better customer experience. Boom's 23 years of experience we provide innovative retail branding, visual merchandising and design that gets measureable business results.

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Good visual merchandising is presentation of the product, at its best, in the store — easy to locate, easy to see, easy to select, coordinate or combine with other products, and eventually, easy to purchase.

It means products arranged by category or use, by colour and/or pattern, by price, or any logical combination of the above. Visual merchandising is logical, orderly and takes confusion out of shopping. It creates a sense of harmony and colour-control in the store. It simplifies the on-the floor stock inventory.

By all means add any new “trends”, techniques, devices or gimmicks, if you can see them helping to clarify or enhance the visual merchandising.

It is a “science” that is combined with an “art”. The “art” is display.

Display is that something extra that helps make the visual merchandising unique, special and more effective. It is what makes your pots and pans, cutlery and candles, dishes and glassware yours and yours alone. It is the “come-on,” the lure .

The attraction, the theatrics that lead and keep the shopper focused on the product presentation. It is what leads the shopper into your store and to the product — it explains as it entertains which create sales for the retailer or head office.

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