At Boom Retail, we are a team of professional retail & design consultants who specialise in shopping centres and design consultancy. 

Welcome to Boom Retail

At Boom Retail, we pride ourselves on being your trusted partners in business transformation. Whether you operate a bustling shopping centre, a national chain, a leisure destination, SME or any other venture, our dedicated team of retail and design consultants is committed to enhancing your sales success. We consult in the areas of customer attraction, layout, marketing, design, visual merchandising and strategies to elevate your business.

With over 25 years of international project experience, we offer proven, practical advice that will elevate your business. What truly sets us apart is our hands-on approach—working daily within centres, hotels, retailers, or tourism developments. By immersing ourselves in your environment, we gain a deep understanding of your customers' needs and address key issues or barriers to buying.

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