Project Case Study: Jamberoo Action Park 2012 - 2023 ongoing

Boost your retail services with Boom Retail! We specialise in theme park reviews, signage review, souvenir store makeovers, themed merchandise store makeovers, Food & Beverage menu board makeovers, visual merchandising and customer engagement strategies.

Our goal is to improve your sales with design, communication, product mix, atmosphere, visual merchandising, branding and business outcomes using better design strategies. Our multi-disciplinary design approach enhances customer satisfaction, visitor experience and engagement.

 Specialties Services:


  1. Enhance Marketing Efforts: increase visibility and attract more visitors to improve sales

  2. Improve the Guest Experience: Creative ideas using a variety of activities, amenities, and services to keep guests engaged and satisfied.

  3. Create packages that include accommodation, food, merchandise and activities to encourage visitors to spend more.

  4. Collaborate with local businesses and tour operators to provide a more comprehensive travel experience and more visitors

  5. Easy-to-use online booking system to make it convenient for visitors to purchase tickets and packages and merchandise for best sales

  6. Foster Positive Word-of-Mouth: Encourage satisfied visitors to share their experiences with friends and family, which can drive more traffic to the park with social media and better inventory

  7. Continuously Evaluate and Improve: use this information to make improvements to the park and its offerings, merchandise, F&B menu and services. 

Proven Success & Some Results we are proud of:

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Scenic World Project - Blue Mountains Sydney Australia 

Services included 750square metre souviner store makeover (Buying, ranging, catergory management, promotions, visual merchandising training, food and beverage menu makeovers and design.

Results Largest sales growth in one year and highest margin growth for Scenic World. This continued for 3 years and all sales tripled.



Project: Management and retail consultancy to Singapore Zoo Management 2020

Cleint: Singapore Zoo Mandi Development Team Mandai

Boom Retail Consutlancy on the development of retail shops for the new natured-based attractions in Mandai, located in Singapore.
Their aim is to create extraordinary retail experiences that capture park experiences, and support our principles of environmental conservation, social inclusivity, and education.

Results: NDA was signed 

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