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Does your team need to learn about visual merchandising? Do your retailers in your shopping centre need to be inspired with new ideas? Does your store lack impact or customer attraction?

We run visual merchandising workshops for corporate retail teams, store reviews and shopping centres for their tenants.

Our visual merchandising workshop is designed to help your retailers create a successful mix merchandising, design and the use of point of sale, to offer the most complete service and sales possible, and become a destination location for all your customers’ needs.

This training will offer the managers and staff, retail expertise to help you create a flexible store and merchandising plan that encompasses window or entrance displays, communication points, fixtures, lighting, sightlines, “human space”, comfortable colours that enhance their brand. This is created by merchandising design elements that can be customised to help the stores.

 The top tips of VM will be taught – how to transform the retail space in just a few easy steps including: 

 You will walk away with the knowledge of how to:

Presented by Debra Young - Leuzzi, a seasoned expert in visual merchandising, with over three decades of international experience. Since 1995, Debra has been a trusted advisor to numerous companies worldwide, providing invaluable insights and guidance in the realm of visual merchandising. As a published author on the subject of Visual Merchandising at Christmas, Debra's expertise is widely recognized. She has also served as a distinguished conference presenter in nine countries, empowering diverse companies to enhance their store environments and elevate their retail experiences through strategic visual merchandising practices. Fully qualified in the area of Visual Merchandising and Marketing. Let us assist you and your business new techiques to drive sales and your brand.

Contact debra@boomretail.com.au